Drop Shipping & Wholesale Accounts

Wholesale Enquiries and Registration 

We greatly appreciate your interest in Neddys and hope for great relationships with all our wholesale accounts. Please read this entire page for information regarding wholesale accounts.

Our prices are some of the most competitive prices on the market because we keep our overheads to a minimum and buy directly from our factories. We are therefore able to pass these savings on to all our customers, but if you wish to establish a wholesale account you can get even better prices!

We need several forms of identification from you to enable your wholesale account:
You must first create an account with us. CLICK HERE TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT

After you create your account please fax the required documents to 1-208-979-8241


1. Tax ID Number & Seller Permit - If you are a US based company, your are issued a Federal Tax ID number by your state. We need this to verify your business. 

2. Company Name - Whether you are a web based business or a brick and mortar store, we verify that your business does indeed exist. Please state your company name or website name accordingly in the Name area of the Create Account form. 

3. A Valid Email Address - We prefer a non-free email address. (No you@yahoo.com, you@gmail.com, you@hotmail.com or any other web based FREE accounts) Since we DO NOT SHARE any of your information with anyone at any time, this should not be a problem or concern. 

4. A Valid Phone Number - Please leave a proper phone number where we may contact you, if need be, regarding your order. If we are unable to contact you via email for whatever reason (most often as a result of an incorrect email address), we will try to call. If we cannot reach you or are not responded back to, we will be obliged to cancel the order in question. 

5. A Minimum INITIAL order of $200 - You need to place a minimum order of $200. Once your application is accepted we will give you 40% discount off this first order. Please include your order # with your application. Applications without an order number will not be processed.

After your first order, you are free to make your orders as big or as small as you need.

Once you request your wholesale account and we activate it, then you'll be able to browse and shop the store with wholesale pricing; you will be provided with a unique discount code that will ensure you receive 40% off your orders every time you shop with us (this discount applies to both sale and full price items).

What does it mean to setup a Drop Shipping Account? 
If you want to sell our products on your website, but don't want to buy our products in bulk and ship the orders out yourself, then drop shipping is for you. As a drop shipper, you can add our products to your website, and when you receive an order, we will charge you for the wholesale price of the order, and ship it directly to your customer under your website or company name. You then keep the profits. You will never have to keep inventory or ship any of our products yourself! 

Looking for more products to add to your retail store or online store? 
Neddys has a large selection of Breeches and Jodhpurs (for Men, Women and Children); as  our products are premium and prices are low, they are affordable for all.

If you have an online store or are going to set up a store on the internet, Neddys can drop-ship products directly to your customers. There’s no inventory to stock and no investment needed. 

1) All retail distributors are required to have a current business license or a sales tax certificate 

2) A company website or going to set up a website 

3) A credit card on file is required to pay for all drop-ship orders 

Prices & Minimum: 
There is no minimum order requirement (after your initial order of $200 which is needed to establish your wholesale account). Once you open a drop ship account with us, you will be able to place online orders. 

Shipping & Drop-Shipping: 
Products can either ship directly to you or to your customers. Your cost for shipping is exactly the same as we offer to all our customers, so a flat rate of $10.00 worldwide, unless your order totals over $200.00, and then your order ships for FREE, again WORLDWIDE!

When you order products for Drop-Shipping, you simply enter YOUR customer's details in the SHIP TO section of Checkout. Any further notes/details can be entered in the ORDER DETAILS section.

All products listed on our website are those that are currently in stock, so shipping takes place within 24 hours - email notification of all shipments is provided for both you and your customer (in the case of drop-shipping).

Order & Payment: 
We accept Visa, or Master Card. You must have a valid credit card on file to pay for all drop-ship orders. You will receive invoices for all charges that are made to your credit card.