Event rider, trainer and USEA Area VI Chairman, based in Florence, Alabama



David Adamo

Originally from San Diego, CA, David started riding at the age of 6 and was introduced to Eventing at the age of 16 through his local pony club. Three years later, in 1987, at the age of 19, David achieved his USPC HA and A ratings. While attending the University of California, Davis, he was the captain of the UCD Eventing Team. During this time he began developing his own teaching and training style working with the local Pony Clubs in the Davis area. He then went on to participate in the USPC traveling instructor program for two summers. In 1990, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Science and Management.

Over the years, Davis has developed quite a loyal and enthusiastic following with his work both at home and at clinics throughout the US. He is known for his patient and detail oriented explanations and his exacting eye. He works to develop confident, safe and athletic horses, and to give riders the skills and knowledge they need to truly enjoy and understand their horses. David feels that his own confidence as an upper level event rider stems only from a sense of confidence in the skills he has developed as a rider over the years, and not from any innate sense of courage. As a result he has been able to help many riders reach levels they never thought possible by systematically building them up physically and psychologically. His main influence has been the teaching of IPC faculty member Brian Sabo. Other strong influences on his riding and training have come from work with Jimmy Wofford, Mark Phillips, Lilo Fore for dressage, and Anne Kursinski for show jumping.

Recent Career Highlights

David has been competing at the FEI (International Level) since 1998 CIC* superstar "Edward Jordan" produced by David. "Eddie" was CIC* winner with multiple wins at the Preliminary and Intermediate Level.

CIC* "Oh Good Grief" produced by David, 2nd place winner, has now moved on to compete in the Advanced levels of Eventing.

Produced Advanced horses "Ready to Rhumba", "Wild Rose", "Hawkwood's Joyride", as well as "Oh Good Grief" from the Novice level.

David has ridden and competed far too many horses to list all of them but has numerou wins and high placings at levels on all types of horses.

Students Include

Gina Miles, USET Olympic Team Member, David's first working student.

Linda Vegher - working student who competed through the Intermediate Level of Eventing and then went on to groom for USET rider Nina Fout at the Sydney Olympics.

Jessica Rice on "I'm So Bright" - NYRC individual silver medalist and successful CCI** competitor.

Maggie Bronson on "Finnigan's Wake" - successful CCI** competitor who never thought she would have the nerve to go beyond Training.

Numerous year end award winners at all levels in Area VI.

In 2008, David moved to Meadowrun Farm in northern Alabama to base himself for competition in the eastern US as he aspires to represent the United States in the Olympics and other international events. He has many wins and high placings on several different horses in 2008 and the beginning of 2009. His own "Prince Noah" has just completed his move up to Preliminary Level while on the 2009 Florida circuit. David and his partner, international competitor, judge and former USET selector, Jim Graham, feel that "Prince Noah" is a once in a lifetime horse with true international potential. David and "Prince Noah" are positioning themselves to make a bid for the 2012 Olympics in London.

David wishes to thank Neddys Performance Riding Wear for their sponsorship and support.

For information on David and "Prince Noah" please visit Meadowrun Farm