Event Rider and USEA ICP Certified Instructor based in Madison, Georgia



Sally Phillips Buffington

Sally Phillips Buffington is a USEA Certified Instructor located in Madison, Georgia. She owns Stone Creek Farm on Plantation Road just six miles outside beautiful, historic Madison. Sally has ridden successfully up through the FEI level. She is currently competing her ten year old thoroughbred Absolut at the Preliminary / Intermediate level. Together they have excelled at every level in his rise to Intermediate. He was the Walter Strauss Perpetual Trophy winner at Prelimiary in Area V. He has completed two AEC's double clear at Preliminary level.
Sally and her five horses moved to Georgia from Texas in March of 2008. There she and her husband have built Stone Creek Farm where she instructs and coaches as well as breeding her Irish Thoroughbred lines. Two of Sally's students have moved with her to stay in her program. Marisa Myers came with her as a working student from Austin, Texas. The Wallin family will be moving to Madison having purchased 21 acres of land adjacent to Stone Creek Farm. Parham Wallin is one of Sally's students and aspires to rise up the levels of eventing. 
All of Sally's students have been very successful and most finish in the USEA Top Ten final standings each year. Her training is very deep, methodical and safe. She believes in teaching the horses a strong work ethic in each of the three phases. The results each year have been amazing. Sally wishes to thank her sponsors Neddy's Breeches, County Saddlery and Pro-Cushion Flooring for their support and looks forward to representing them well in the years to come.
" This sport is thrilling, demanding and risky thus we endeavor to teach our horses and riders to be as one in mind and body. This requires a deeper form of teaching and a bit more time, but the ensuing safety record is intangibly the end result we strive for. The faith my Sponsors have shown and their wonderful support have been an integral part of our success. Thank you! "