Dressage rider and trainer, based in Prospect, Kentucky


Chrissa Frith-Hoffmann

Chrissa Frith-Hoffmann is a Grand Prix rider and trainer,( who holds the United States Dressage Federation's Bronze, Silver and Gold medals), and is capable of training horse and rider through the most advanced level of dressage.

She is trained after the original guidelines and proven principles of classical dressage and is able to apply that competitively into the modern day show ring. Achieving the Grand Prix level, as well as receiving multiple high score and year end awards, in addition to being decorated with all of the award winning medals, is a result of hard work and determination. This is where Chrissa excels as an equestrian professional in this country.

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At a young age of 35, Chrissa has trained three horses to the Grand Prix level along with eight other horses, over the years, to the FEI levels of Dressage. She is currently showing her International Grand Prix horse, Ferrelli and has many others in her barn that she is bringing to the upper levels. Her main focus is training horses and riders to FEI. She runs a state- of- the- art dressage facility in Louisville, Kentucky,  that she and her husband own and operate.

(photo courtesy of Susan J Stickle.com)

To learn more about Chrissa as a rider and about her start with horses, please click on her "Who's-Who" bio on Dressage Daily.

(photo courtesy of Susan J Stickle.com)

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