Master of Hounds, Red Rock, based in Reno, Nevada



Lynn Lloyd

Lynn Lloyd is Huntsman and Master of world-renowned Red Rock Hounds, the modern Annie Oakley of the West. She started Red Rock Hounds with twelve English hounds drafted from the Los Altos Hunt.  

Lynn gained her early foxhunting experience in Britain in 1968, and founded her first pack of foxhounds, the Berry Hollow Hunt, in Pennsylvania in 1974 and In 1980 after running out of gas in Reno, she liked it and stayed there to go on and found Red Rock Hounds, the first foxhunt in the state of Nevada. She hunts her fast moving pack over incredible terrain all over the western US; they go out 120 times a season. From the home kennel, or away in the wide open fixtures, Red Rock Hounds claims over a million acres of  Territory. Red Rock Hounds has won many awards including the Western Challenge Hunt Tour 5 times.  

You can find Lynn Lloyd as owner and operator of her full service hunter/jumper training and sales barn in Reno, NV. Lynn and the Red Rock hounds reside on 650 acres of wetlands and a beautiful facility that includes a spring fed custom kennels and horse stables.  Every year Lynn Lloyd puts some major foxhunting and training miles on her favorite pairs of Neddys Breeches.

Red Rock Hounds