Event rider based in Ayrshire, Scotland



Mandy Lynch

Mandy Lynch is an Amateur Event Rider based in South Ayrshire, Scotland.

Unlike most riders nowadays, Mandy was a late start to riding when, at 15, she was given 2 elderly Norwegian Fjord Ponies bred by her Grandfather, who was then too old to care for them further. The following year, having outgrown these ponies, Mandy was bought her first horse who gave her her first taste of Eventing through the Pony Club. This horse, however, was not keen on Eventing above Pony Club level, and another year further down the line was sold to be replaced by 'Dulargy William', the horse that was to learn with her from Pre-Novice to Advanced Level. This was a long learning curve for both Mandy and her mother. Dulargy William and Mandy represented Scotland at Junior Level and Riding Club Rural Riders Level as well as giving her the all important first taste of Eventing at Advanced Level.

Throughout the years, Mandy has ridden many horses eventing, all of which have experienced success of some degree. Besides Eventing, Mandy also breeds from a mare, given to her as an ex-racehorse, and has produced two of those foals from racehorse to Novice and Intermediate Level eventers.

In 2004, Mandy was given the ride of 'Loch Spy', an advanced mare owned by Lady Clare Howick, a prolific event horse owner within British Eventing. This combination qualified for 3* competition within a year, but due to injury were unable to compete. Different injuries plagued Spy and after a severe bout of sinusitis, the 2005 season commenced, only to be ended 3 jumps from the end of their first run (and an Open Intermediate double clear) when the mare's tendon slipped off her hock. This has put an end to Spy's competition career, but a start to her breeding career. The 3* run still eludes Mandy, but this year she has a six year old and an eight year old progressing steadily through Novice, one of which completed his 1st Intermediate under a year after his first event. Mandy also recently acquired a five year old, by Master Imp, who was 11th in his first Pre-Novice and is to compete the young horse class at Thirlestane Castle Horse Trials in August 2006.

Says Mandy, "Loads of people ask me about my breeches as they are so unique in colour, and fit so nicely. I love riding in Neddys breeches, and am very happy to endorse a company providing quality goods to their customers."

Mandy is also sponsored by her family's company, 'McConechy's Tyre Service', the UK's largest independent tyre service.