Lindsey Rairden

Lindsey has been a horse enthusiast since she first sat atop a horse at the age of five. Her parents had no background or experience with horses. Yet at such a young age, Lindsey knew that horses were going to play a major role in her life. Through her persistence and tenacity, she convinced her parents to take that step, and her equestrian journey began. By the time she was eight, Lindsey was riding competitively.

Throughout her family relocations from Nashville to Atlanta, and then on to Louisville, Lindsey remained passionate about her riding. She was a catch rider for hunter ponies on the A circuit at a very young age. She began eventing at the Preliminary level at age 14 and at 15 she partnered with Kim Smith [now] of the Second Stride Organization where they established their business that transitioned race horses into new careers as event horses and jumpers. In her last two years of high school, Lindsey began to break and start youngsters for the Louisville Thoroughbred Club, she started her own sale & consignment business and she continued her program with Kim. In 2007 Lindsey ventured out on her own and moved back to Nashville to manage and train out of Traceland Farm, a private 2,000 acre eventing facility owned by A.W. Miller. At Traceland, she continued her sales business and began competing many of the Miller family’s horses.


In addition to Lindsey’s extensive experience at starting young horses, she has a great deal of experience riding difficult horses that she has started off the track. During her last few years in Louisville she had a very successful partnership with Carrie Barrick training investment horses. Lindsey has worked extensively with Francois Lemaire de Ruffieu, a world-renown dressage trainer from the Cadre Noir school in France. Lindsey teaches and coaches students from beginners through the preliminary level. She has competed through the Intermediate level, and is looking forward to her Advanced debut in the Fall of 2009.


For a short time Lindsey studied Philosophy and Political Science at the University of Louisville. She has continued her well rounded riding education with training sessions and attending clinics in all three disciplines with many top professionals:

  • Eventing: Kyle Carter, Bruce Davidson, Peter Gray, Jimmy Wofford, Denny Emerson, Martha Lambert, Dorothy Crowell, Cathy Weischoff, Stephen Bradley.
  • Dressage:  Francois Lemaire de Ruffieu, Betsy Steiner, Monica Bliss, Alex Gerding.
  • Show Jumping:  Bobby Drier, Beave Tate, Bruce Leland.


"Lindsey’s strong suit lies in her ability to identify riders and horses strengths, maximizing their potential. She is able to work with a diverse range of horses and riders, instilling the confidence and motivation to reach their true promise. Lindsey handles difficult horses with ease and has an exceptional eye for the potential of a young horse. Through our many partnerships, we have successfully brought along numerous horses who continue to thrive in their respective arenas. Working with Lindsey has truly been a wonderful experience both on and off the horse and I look forward to many endeavors with Lindsey in the future."

-Carrie Barrick, Event Trainer at Spring Run Farm, Louisville KY