Dressage rider and trainer, based in Okemos, Michigan



Tracy Rowe-McEwan

Tracy Rowe started riding Dressage before she was really aware what she was doing. Riding Piaffe and Passage was something FUN and normal for a young girl to do in the world she was raised. Now 39 years old, Tracy's aspirations are much more serious. An accomplished FEI trainer working daily with her mother Sharon, Tracy trains horses of all breeds, and students of all levels.

Training daily for most of her life under her parents Tracy has adopted the strengths of both her parents. From her father (one of the founders of Dressage in the United States) Tracy has gained the knowledge to deal with horses who have had training problems in a correct way. Bringing along horses that have been labeled undesirable and unable to do dressage is also a passion of Tracy's inspired by her father, proving that any horse can do upper level work.

From her mother Tracy has developed the skill and tact to train horses in the correct methods of dressage encouraging horses to be happy and willing to work to the upper levels of dressage, bringing along all types of horses to become FEI champions.

As an instructor, Tracy always makes sure that students are having fun while learning and never fails to go well out of her way to make them feel comfortable in their efforts. Inspired by her mother's example, Tracy encourages riders to become the best they can be and reach any goals they desire.

Tracy Rowe-McEwans professional standards are very high. She aspires to be the best trainer she can be whilst maintaining her honesty and integrity. Tracy's training goals allow each horse to maintain its identity and happiness while adhering to the classical methods she learned from her parents.

  • 2000 USDF Reserve Champion Prix St George half Lipizzan - Simbata
  • 2000 6th place Prix St George MDA - Simbata
  • USDF Silver Medal Rider Awards
  • 2003 Waterloo Dressage 1st Level Reserve Champion - London
  • 2003 Karl Mikolka Clinic - Rhoquest
  • 2004 USDF Adult Clinic Series with Mr Walter Zettl - 3rd Level Rider on Rhoquest
  • 2005 Clinic with Karl Mikolka
  • 2005 ODS Downcenterline I and II, qualified Rhoquest, the first time he had been shows 3rd Level (and earning his AWS scores for becoming an approved breeding stallion)
  • 2006 Rhoquest at 4th Level placing 1st and 2nd in all his classes
  • 2007 Purchase of Lipizzan stallion Conversano Marina for FEI prospect
  • 2007 Clinic with SRS rider Herbert Seiberl
  • 2008 Clinic with Walter Zettl
  • 2008 Tracy's student Megan Levine debuts at FEI (PSG) (Tracy has trained Meg from 1st Level on)
  • Destinado de la Hoya showed 2nd and 3rd Levels placing 1st-3rd
  • 2009 Clinic with Alex Gerding - Conversano Marina
  • 2009 Tracy's student debuts at Intermediere 1 (Megan Levine)
  • 2009 Tracy's student Megan Levine earns USDF Silver Medal
  • 2009 Destinado de la Hoya - Reserve Champion 3rd Level Open Coppercreek Dressage show June 20-21
  • 2009 Student Julie van Zee and Urucum earn 2nd Level Reserve Champion Open Coppercreek Dressage show June 20-21
  • 2009 Destinado de la Hoya debuts at 4th Level scoring 64%
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