Dressage rider and trainer based in Derbyshire, England



Lindsay Wilcox-Reid

Lindsay Wilcox-Reid is a British Dressage Accredited Trainer and a Level 3 Pilates instructor accredited on the Register of Exercise Professionals.   She is an experienced and inspirational teacher, dedicated to promoting correct training principles and bringing the biomechanics and musculature of each individual horse and rider combination together in harmony.  Lindsay is a posture and position specialist coach and through applying Pilates principles specifically to riding, teaches clients to understand and establish core stability- the 'Holy Grail' of equitation!  She is committed to training horses and riders according to correct classical principles.

Lindsay had had several training articles published in the British Dressage Magazine and has been commissioned to write her first book on Equi-Pilates, which should be hot off the press in late 2010!  She has also featured in Your Horse magazine (May 2009) and also will have a training article in the NFU Countryside magazine October 2009 issue.

She currently has three of her own horsesTicketyboo (Boo) is a 16.2hh 8 yo HanxBWB mare with big paces and big ears!! (everyone comments on them!)  Lindsay has owned her since a three year old and backed her herself.  She has been lightly competed at Novice level, with regular scores of 70%+ and even over 74% in open qualifiers.  She won the PetPlan Festival on her fourth outing on over 70% qualifying for the Finals held at the Winter Championships.  She has since qualified for Summer and Winter Regionals (including being placed 9th at Addington Winters 10 weeks after Lindsay had her second baby having not competed since qualifying when Lindsay was 7 months pregnant.  What a good girl!).  Ticketyboo is working towards Advanced level and has started playing with piaffe and passage.

Dominatrix (Trinity) is a highly talented 6 yo HanxBWB 16.3hh mare with lots of attitude and strong opinions!  She requires- no, demands (!) tact and a high degree of feel as she is so sensitive to changes in balance and will explode if she feels she has been aided inappropriately!  She has an enormously powerful engine with very expressive movement.  Lindsay adores this mare and despite all the challenges of a horse with such a huge personality she has high hopes for the partnership.   She will start her competitive career in Summer '09.

Taba is a 17hh (to make 17.2) 3 yo gelding and full brother to Trinity.  He is highly talented with fabulous looks and a very trainable temperament- he is currently being backed and will contest the young horse classes next year.

Visit Lindsay's Pilates website: The Dressage Studio